Taking Your Station Into The New Year

It may seem that 2019 has gone by in a flash, leaving you wondering what the new year may hold for you and your online radio station. Well, we have compiled some tips that might help your station cruise into 2019 smoothly. Read on to see some top tips for your online radio station this new year.

Taking a Break? Automate Your Content!

Come December, it seems like everyone is taking a well-deserved break, and you probably are too. Luckily, your SAM Broadcaster Cloud Station does not have to take a break just because you do. You can fully automate your content to stream while you step away from your PC. Click here if you would like to know more about automating your SAM Broadcaster Cloud Station.

Keep an Eye on Recent Events and the Latest Tunes

While taking a break is all about relaxing, be sure to keep an eye and an ear out for the latest events and tunes. This will help you stay on top of what’s hot for your radio shows in the new year, so you can continue to broadcast the latest songs and relevant stories and keep your audience engaged.

Establish your Goals for 2019

It is important to establish clear goals for your station as each new year approaches. Your station’s personality and vision forms the backbone of your online radio station, so how can you grow and develop these factors? Will you expand your playlist, add new genres, introduce new broadcasters or are you planning on adding new types of programs? Setting clear goals for the new year and working to integrate them into your online station could be integral in cultivating your listenership.

Read more about where you can find new music for your station, and the different types of online radio programs you might add to your schedule.

Plan your Programming

What will your programming schedule look like in 2019? Will you keep to what has worked for you in the past, or will you add something new to the mix to spice up your programming and attract new listeners? Take a moment to review your data from the previous year to determine how your different content types and programs contributed to your station listenership. If you plan to add a new type of radio show to your station, be sure to research and plan around how best to integrate it.

Assess your Budget

Improving your station in 2019 may require additional funding. It’s important to map out what you might need to spend on marketing, new equipment, royalty payments, and more. It’s also key to know how you might raise funds through your station in the new year. Advertising, fundraising, and donations are some methods to keep in mind. Setting aside some contingency funds in your budget is also a solid idea – you never know when you might need to replace equipment or cover a pricey live event.

Market your Station

You work hard to run your online radio station, and that hard work should pay off! An essential part of planning for the new year is to put together a marketing plan. Marketing your station online and on social media platforms will help to further engage your listening audience and attract new listeners.  If you don’t yet have a strong social media presence for your online radio station, we suggest that you start now. A social media presence will make marketing your station easier – and if your listeners like it, it’s easier for them to share it among their own followers, providing your station and brand with even more exposure.

Putting some thought into your internet radio station is essential for its growth, and what better time of year than now?   The end of the year provides the perfect opportunity to set new goals, identify areas where you can improve, and try new things that can help to take your station to the next level. If you are just launching your station this coming year, try our free trial of SAM Broadcaster Cloud to ensure that you have the best-in-class software for your new venture.