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Best Microphones for Podcasting: What Podcast Stars Use

Garbage in, garbage out. Ever heard of that? Picking the right microphone for your podcast is a very important decision. Your microphone is the first component in the chain of processes required to produce and publish a podcast. If you start with bad quality on the recording there is no way you will end up […]


The Benefits Of Being A Spacial Affiliate

Music is all about sharing, and here at Spacial we like to share the love with our customers. As a leading provider of radio automation software, spreading the idea of unity is what we do, putting thousands of potential listeners in your lap with our easy-to-master broadcasting solutions. There is a status reserved for those […]


Organic growth for your radio station?

I would guess that most Spacial customers are aware that I am the Spacial customer service manager but I doubt many customers know I also run a couple of radio stations which will remain nameless as these stations are almost exclusively used for support purposes and because of this, I do not actively advertise nor promote […]


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