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Ways To Automate Your Internet Radio Station This Christmas

At Spacial, we love to wax lyrical about the strengths of being an internet radio DJ, and how you can grow your following through features that make broadcasting simple. Yet you may be fairly new to our radio automation software, and still to discover the ways in which you can streamline your programming. None of […]


Using Your Community Radio for Breast Cancer Awareness

October is breast cancer month, and globally a time to raise awareness and provide support to those affected by the disease. Community radio stations remain a powerful and effective medium to broadcast support for worthy causes. In this article, we explain how you can leverage radio for your breast cancer awareness efforts this October.  Continue reading for ways that your local community radio station can get involved.   Fundraising Efforts  As a community radio station, you can use […]


Creating a Newsletter for Your Radio Station

With so many channels available to market your radio station, you might be asking yourself whether a newsletter is a worthwhile vehicle to explore. Rest assured newsletters remain an effective communication channel for radio stations to keep in touch with their listeners, well you are reading this newsletter. For tips and best practices on email strategies for radio, keep reading.  Why Send Out Regular Newsletters?  In addition to driving brand awareness for your radio station, […]


Affiliate Platform Changes

If you are a Spacial affiliate and using Spacial links to promote products to your clients, we would like to remind you that Spacial will shortly be fully transitioning to our new platform, Partnerize and we have extended our deadline to 14 July 2021.   What Does This Mean For You? To continue to receive commissions on sales you must sign up for the Spacial/HitmanPro campaign on Partnerize and update […]


Running Multiple Radio Stations

Publishing a wide array of content to provide an engaging listening experience remains one of the top strategies for successful radio stations in 2021. One example of this is running multiple radio stations, each targeting a different demographic such as age, sex, interest, language and more to ensure that the content delivered is relevant to the intended audience.   Benefits Of Running Multiple Radio Stations  Having multiple radio stations will give you more opportunities to pull in more listeners […]

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