Archive Monthly Archives: June 2011

New SAM UI: Changelog

This week’s been filled with updates here at Spacial, but none have been so marked as the SAM user interface. These new versions of our software don’t just boast a brand new look. They also count a number of improvements and changes. Here’s a rundown of what they are, along with modifications that were made […]


What’s in Your Sandbox?

In the media world, things used to be fairly clear-cut. Magazines and newspapers sold ad space based on how many people subscribed. TV and radio would sell spots based on ratings. The Internet changed all that; despite the web’s larger audiences, advertising must break more boundaries to have a quantifiable impact, and people are getting […]


New Spacial Website, New SAM User Interface

It’s been a labor of love, and now, the new Spacial website is finally here! You like? We like. For those of you overwhelmed with what I sincerely hope is sheer awe, let me break down some of the improvements. 1 – New SAM Interface Okay, so this doesn’t have to do with the website, […]


When the Muzak’s Over

Reflecting a company’s unique voice is what Custom Channels is all about. It’s how they do it that inspired Spacial to interview them for this exclusive profile. When a grocery store specializes in natural and organic products, it seems incongruous to hear a distinctly artificial, canned instrumental version of Rod Stewart’s “Maggie May” as you […]


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