Welcome To SAM 2013

We are pleased to announce the release of SAM Broadcaster 2013. It has been a while in the making, but it is finally ready and we are happy to announce it is now available to download. We would like to once again thank everyone who pre-ordered SAM Broadcaster 2013. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us here. In this post we would like to answer some of the questions we expect to receive regarding SAM Broadcaster 2013.

How do I buy SAM Broadcaster 2013?

If you own a previous version of SAM Broadcaster, please visit the user zone and upgrade directly from there.

If you have never owned a copy of SAM Broadcaster, you can purchase by visiting:


I have already pre-ordered SAM Broadcaster 2013, how do I download it?

You can download it by visiting your user zone and clicking the “convert to 2013” button which will instantly upgrade your license key and give you access to SAM Broadcaster 2013.

What new features are available in SAM Broadcaster 2013?

This first release has made SAM Broadcaster 2013 compatible with Windows 8, but we have many exciting features (including web integration with SAM VIBE) planned for the start of 2013. Watch this space!

I purchased SAM Broadcaster v4 recently, do I get SAM Broadcaster 2013 for free?

Possibly. If you purchased SAM Broadcaster 2013 on or after September 1 2012, you are entitled to SAM Broadcaster 2013. To access SAM Broadcaster 2013, log into your user zone and click the ‘convert to 2013’ button.

Why does your website still show SAM Broadcaster version v.4.9.8 on the sales page?

SAM Broadcaster 2013 will be available to purchase directly from the website in early January (you are still able to purchase v4 and get an immediate free upgrade to 2013 in your user zone at the current time).

If I activate the license for SAM 2013 will I be able to use the old version?

No, as you purchased an upgrade to SAM Broadcaster 4.x and not an additional license

When do I get access to the SAM Vibe account that came with the pre-order?

It is planned for early 2013.

When will SAM Cast 2013 and SAM DJ 2013 be released?

Today! SAM Cast 2013 and SAM DJ 2013 are available now. If you have already purchased, you can access them here.

If you own a previous version of the software and you wish to purchase, please log into your user zone and click the ‘upgrade’ button.

Otherwise you can purchase SAM DJ by visiting this page or SAM Cast by visiting this page.



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