Improving Spacial Support

When we asked customers what they thought of Spacial there were generally three comments:

1. Great software
2. Lousy support
3. No Documentation

We took this on board and decided to make some changes…

With the launch of SAM 2013 as well as the launch of our new cloud broadcasting solution SAM VIBE, we realized
we needed to make some changes, we needed to implement a better, and more efficient support system and we
needed to provide much improved product documentation.

We have also been working hard to produce better product documentation…

SAM VIBE was the first to receive a documentation overhaul and the first of these documents are available to
download here:

SAM VIBE User Manual

SAM VIBE Scheduling

The separate support portals also provide a product specific and ever-expanding knowledgebase which includes sections for Tips and Tricks, documentation and FAQs. This also gives us the opportunity to turn any repeat support request into a support document with a couple of clicks which reduces the time taken to resolve a customers’ problem.

With the implementation of the new helpdesk system, we set ourselves the task of responding to every new ticket within 4 hours during business hours and as you can see from the report, we have exceeded this and responded to most tickets within 2 hours (where you only see a single line on the report, this is where we responded to all tickets within 2 hours):

As we move forward into 2013, we accept we still have some way to go to provide the support service and the level of documentation we want to see but we have already received positive comments since we began the implementation of our changes and we are working hard to further improve the level of customer support and documentation.

Operations Lead,