Top tips on writing an online radio script

Hosting a radio show is having a one-on-one conversation with a close friend – and every ear tuned in to your show counts as one of these friends. The only thing is, you’re doing all of the talking. So, you want to be engaging, you want to keep their interest, and you don’t want to let them down with awkward silences and repetition. Pre-planning and writing out a radio script will significantly improve your delivery as a host, whether you are hosting a talk radio or music radio show. We would like to share some top tips on writing an online radio script.

Planning is paramount

You’ve probably heard this multiple times throughout your life, so what’s one more time? Planning is crucial, especially when it comes to your internet radio show.

Set aside some time

We know you are all quite busy people, but try and set aside a few hours to come up with content and write your script out. Then add an extra hour just in case – writer’s block is always lurking. A great idea might hit you while you’re on the move, in which case you should jot it down on a piece of paper or note it on your phone before you forget it. 

Plan your content 

Content is king on your internet radio show and planning out what you will be talking about will make for smooth sailing during your show. Planning your content is just as important as planning the time you need to write it down, and it’s best to have content planned out for at least 3 to 5 shows in advance (depending on how often you broadcast). You should always try to keep your content current and engaging, especially if you host a talk radio show.

When writing the script for your radio show, you need to be sure of what you want the script to do, that is, what do you want your audience to take away from the show you host. Whether it’s some new music knowledge, a particular chain of thought or emotion, or knowledge of current events or people, your script will be your primary tool in engaging with your audience. You want it to come across as seamless, engaging, and spontaneous without sounding like you are trying too hard.

Whilst writing your online radio script, keep in mind that you are writing something that has to be spoken out loud.  It is always best to give the script a test run after you’ve finished writing it.  If you’re not delighted with how it sounds out loud, don’t be afraid to start over. If you aren’t satisfied with it then, chances are you won’t be entirely comfortable saying it on your show, and your listeners might pick up on that.    

Be comfortable and pace yourself         

Remember, being the host on your own radio show means you are chatting it up with a couple of old buddies. So you can kick back and be comfortable. Holster your nerves and let go – make that joke, share that weird fact, and laugh along with your listeners. But don’t put it all out there too quickly; you don’t want to be left with dead air halfway through the show. Be sure to pace your radio script content; intermingle it with some tunes, take a beat to read listener comments and dedications on air, and talk at a comfortable pace. It might be a good idea to time yourself whilst you read your script out loud to practise and get comfortable with what you have written.

Keep it relatively straightforward

As mentioned before, you are writing something that is intended to be spoken out loud. It’s not a piece of literature, so it’s best to avoid wordy, longwinded sentences and unnecessary creative flourishes. As a radio host, you want to engage your audience and keep their interest – if you drag something out for too long you may lose their interest and with it your listenership.  

Keep your audience in mind

Ah, the audience. They essentially keep your online radio boat afloat on the airwaves. With so many stations out there, it is an integral part of online radio to engage with your listeners and let them know that you do keep them in mind. Whilst writing your radio script, it is essential that you frame it to include your listeners; they need to be able to identify with what you are saying. What kind of music do they want to hear? What do they want you to talk about? With that in mind, you also shouldn’t be afraid to bring in some changes as time goes by. Let your listeners contribute to the conversation by providing them with a way to contact you during shows so that they can share their own opinions and make song requests.

Add some personality

It’s your online radio show, so you get to make it your own. You can adopt an entirely new persona for the radio realm if you feel like it. Sounds exciting, right? Now, you don’t have to assume an all-out alter ego; you could just be good-old you. The important thing is to keep things interesting for your listeners. Remember, in radio, there are no pictures, so your voice and music are the only tools you have to set the scene and captivate listeners. 

Your online radio script should reflect your radio-host persona, which should in turn fit with content you present. Don’t be afraid to do some different and add your own unique spin on things – think outside the industry box. Try to avoid speaking monotonously and being too repetitive – you want to keep things exciting for your listeners, after all. Now, while the show is yours and you are free to make it your own, it might also help to remember not to let your own biases shine through too brightly, lest it alienates your listeners.

Don’t be afraid of making a mistake

If things feel bland and you want to mix it up a little, don’t be afraid to try something new. Whether it’s adding a new segment to your show, adding a new host to the mix, playing some new songs, or testing out a new catchphrase – just go ahead and try it. That’s one of the cool things about hosting your own online radio show: mistakes are not the end. If you make a mistake or something doesn’t quite work the way you wanted it to, you can change it up again and fix the mistake. It’s all about trial and error, after all – that’s how you’ll find your internet radio groove.

An excellent online radio script could be the driving force behind a successful online radio station. There is no one road to creating a great online radio script – but you can follow our signs to get there. We hope you found our tips for writing an online radio script helpful. If you haven’t started your online radio adventure yet, check out our free trial of SAM Broadcaster Cloud today. You now have some of the top tips for writing an online radio script, so why not test the top online radio automation software while you’re at it?


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