The Indonesian Red Cross is using SAM Broadcaster Pro to Save Lives 

The Indonesian Red Cross (Palang Merah Indonesia) have been using SAM Broadcaster for their local radio station, Radio PMI for 7 years to date. Palang Merah Indonesia Radio was also integrated with the Indonesian Tsunami Early Warning System.  

What is their story? Being vulnerable to earthquakes and tsunamis, the Indonesian Red Cross decided that radio would be the best medium to let people know what to do before and during a time of crisis. SAM Broadcaster was the first choice of Radio PMI, a station which was created with hopes of saving lives. SAM Broadcaster has also helped in dissemination of useful information to people, especially with Covid 19 for the past 2 years. 

We were very pleased to hear that our products are being used for such a noble cause!  

Why did they choose SAM Broadcaster? It is simple. They needed software which is reliable — one they could count on during an emergency. Other options they tried did not have the dependability and stability of SAM Broadcaster.  

Programmable features like PAL Script and Event Scheduler are extremely usual for them, “I think this is the added value and strong point of SAM Broadcaster”, mentioned Aim ZEIN, the Chairman of PMI.  

Radio PMI need essential features we offer:  

  • Stability – can operate 24/7.  
  • Easy to operate and user friendly.  
  • Voice tracking.  
  • Live streaming.  
  • Full automation.  
  • The Categories feature provided by SAM broadcaster.  

We are glad the features within SAM Broadcaster were just what Radio PMI needed. If you have a special story to share with us about how you are using SAM Broadcaster (or any other Spacial product or service), please let us know, we would love to feature your story. 


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