SAM Broadcaster Cloud – December 2015 Release

Bug Fixes & Improvements


We improved the time it takes to calculate the statistics of the categories loaded on the Playblocks tab.


There was a case where the same artist was selected and played back to back. The cause was UTF-8 characters in the Album field. UTF-8 support improved and the bug fixed.


We had an isolated case where a station was “throttled” while streaming live. This has been verified and extra logic added to detect and fix this.


We fixed various display bugs for various browsers as reported by our customers.


When a track is played we assign it an average weight balance. We now use an improved method of doing so that some tracks do not play more than others.


When adding a DJ on the DJ Management tab it failed for certain valid email addresses. Email address validation improved and the bug is fixed.


Various backend bug fixes that includes a race condition when adding a new user, Timezone calculations and a null reference in certain cases when updating your station details.


Fixed an authentication issue on our library import API.


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