What’s New with SAM Broadcaster

This year, we celebrate Spacial Audio’s 20th Anniversary and its amazing journey made possible by your continued loyalty and support. To commemorate the occasion, we are introducing a number of exciting new features within our SAM software (SAM Broadcaster Pro and SAM DJ). With the release of our latest SAM Broadcaster software version 2019.1, we have added a number of new features and improvements to give your station a boost:


New File Manager

The new File Manager within the Playlist window allows you to browse and manipulate your music tracks directly from your computer music library.

Re-Scanning a Folder using the New File Manager

The new File Manager also allows you to re-scan a specific folder (and subfolders) to add new tracks, making managing a sizable music library simple. Follow these 7 easy steps to rescan your folders:

  1. Locate your playlist window
  2. Scroll down and click on ‘File Manager
  3. The tracks window will split, giving you the navigation panel on the left and the folder contents on the right. This gives you the option to not only browse your computer, but easily add tracks from individual folders or by selecting subfolders from your directories.
  4. Locate your music folder or a specific music library of your choice in the left side panel where you wish to add new tracks from.
  5. Click Rescan. Not only will your tracks reappear, but they will also be automatically added to the database.
  6. From the File Manager, you can easily drag tracks directly into the queue or onto the decks for playing.
  7. Adding additional tracks to an artist folder in your library means you have to click Rescan and the new tracks are automatically added to the database, making them instantly available to you.

For a video tutorial for how to use the File Manager, click here.


Improved Clock Settings

The clock settings have been updated to allow broadcasters to change the clock display colors, and switch between 12 or 24-hour clock mode.


Changing Clock Mode & Colors

To change the clock format or colors, simply follow the three steps below:

  1. To change the clock format from a 12-hour to a 24-hour clock mode, simply right-click on the clock and select 24-Hour Clock.
  2. To change the colors, simply right click on the clock, select Change Color and select the color you wish to alter: high color, low color, second-hand color and/or background color.
  3. If you are using a dual screen, you can configure a different color screen for the clock on the second screen. However, both clocks will display the countdown timer and flash you have set.

Click here to access the updated SAM Broadcaster Clock Settings video tutorial.


New Scheduled Event Type

In addition to the updated clock settings, you can now use the new events scheduler to set the countdown timer. This functionality gives you the ability to trigger the countdown timer with an optional flashing effect. You can schedule the clock to flash as a final reminder to end the show by setting up the amount of time you require for wrap-up.


Setting The Countdown Timer

Follow these simple steps below to set the countdown timer:

  1. Click the + sign to create a new scheduled event
  2. Under the Action setting, select countdown timer
  3. Add a meaning name under Event Name
  4. Set the date and time under Time Options
  5. Proceed to set the countdown timer duration and tick the Start Flashing tick box if you want your countdown to flash
  6. Set the required color for the countdown time. Note: The color for the countdown timer should be set to be a color that contrasts with your clock color to get the best effect
  7. When the scheduled time is reached, the clock will change to a countdown starting from the specified countdown timer duration you specified.
  8. If you have selected the option to start flashing, when this time is reached, the countdown clock will start flashing as a final reminder that your time is almost up. Note: The clock also has an option to cancel the countdown

Click here to view the SAM Broadcaster Clock Settings video tutorial, which also reviews how to create a new scheduled event and set the countdown timer.


Playlist Order Selection Logic

With the playlist order selection logic functionality, the clockwheel can select items in an ordered playlist to be played in that exact order.


Fade Settings

We have updated the fade options to allow broadcasters to directly enter the required fade time, providing more control.


All in all, it’s been an amazing journey, made possible by your continued loyalty and support. We look forward to many more years of supporting your broadcasting needs through innovative technology.


As a thank you, we’d like to extend a limited time offer whereby you can renew your current SAM Software subscription (versions 2013.1 & later) for a flat fee of $20 (a savings of $99).


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