New version of SAM Cast compatible with Windows 8

Currently SAM Cast v3.x is not Windows 8 compatible. Therefore we will be releasing a new version of SAM Cast that is compatible with Windows 8 and it will be released shortly.

SAM Cast 2013

We are pleased to announce the launch of SAM Cast 2013. It will be released in January 2013 and will be compatible with Windows 8. Every SAM Cast 2013 license purchase will include free software updates for a period of 12 months. After that 12 month period, a yearly subscription will be required in order to receive software updates and services.

Since you are a current SAM Cast v3 license owner, you are entitled to the SAM Cast 2013 yearly subscription at a a hugely discounted rate.

During the term of your subscription, you will receive all software updates and access to priority email support. You have the option to opt-out of the subscription – but you will then not receive any further updates or bug fixes.

Special offer for our loyal clients

We really appreciate the support we have enjoyed from our loyal customers over the years. We are pleased to see how many active clients we have that go as far back as 1999!

We would like to reward our customer loyalty by giving all existing clients, the opportunity to pre-order the SAM Cast 2013 upgrade and 12 month subscription and save over 40%!

Pre-order before October 31st 2012 and pay only $29 (save $20 off the regular price of $49)

New and recent clients

Any client who makes a purchase from 1 September 2012 will receive a free SAM Cast 2013 subscription once it is released. You have nothing to do and will automatically receive your invitation to the free upgrade as soon as SAM Cast 2013 is released.

We will keep you aware of the forthcoming developments and are working hard to make sure everybody who pre-ordered their SAM Cast 2013 subscription receives their Windows 8 compatible version on or before November 15th 2012 (remember that you will benefit from all updates until December 31st 2013, so jump on that opportunity now!)

Should you have any questions or comments, please contact our support team.