How to Create a Killer App for Your Internet Radio Station

Music is more mobile than ever before. Nowadays, you don’t just listen in the car, at home, and in the office; people are listening to stations all over the world, anytime, anyplace. Smart devices make this possible, making apps a valuable tool for online radio streaming to reach listeners globally.

Radio stations with apps are one step ahead of the competition, which makes creating an app for your internet radio station a wise idea if you have big ambitions. Here are a few tips on how to create one with wow factor:

Exclusive features

As connected devices make it ever easier to stream on the go, you need to give listeners a reason to download the app instead of sticking to online radio streaming. So whilst a ‘listen live’ feature may be the primary focus of your app, think about how you can add value to your service.

Could you post video footage from interviews with guests, host polls for listeners to vote on hot topics or what to play next, or give the listings for the week ahead so they know when to tune in? Be creative – the more original, the more listeners will love it!

Simple and easy to use

However, in your quest to make your app the best it can be, it can be tempting to overload your app with cool and unusual features. This will result in a large, sluggish app that’s confusing and difficult to navigate. So pick one or two awesome features, and focus on making them fantastic. Remember, the user experience has to be spot on, or it won’t matter how many features your app has.

Listen to your feedback 

Even the most carefully designed apps rarely hit the spot first time. From minor glitches to features that listeners love and hate, it’s important to lap up the feedback from your listeners if you want your app to have longevity. By taking their positive and negative points on board, you can improve the app to make it more and more popular amongst your listeners.

Broadcasting software such as apps are a major investment, so it’s essential to think carefully about what you want your app to look like, and how it will benefit your listeners. Put the listener first and focus on the user experience, to create an application that’s every bit as popular as it deserves to be.