Alternative to Radionomy, SAM Broadcaster Cloud

As you may have read, online streaming provider Radionomy shuttered as of January 1, 2020, after merging with ShoutCast. There is one important difference for content producers migrating from Radionomy to Shoutcast: Shoutcast does not handle accounting and payment of music royalties.

If you are seeking an alternative to Radionomy that will cater to your broadcasting needs, consider SAM Broadcaster Cloud. Although Spacial does not provide licensing, and royalty payments are not included in your subscription, we provide the data that you need to streamline the generation of royalty reports for your stations. In addition, SAM Broadcaster Cloud comes with a host of diverse benefits, including:

  • The ability to automate your scheduling, keeping your station running 24/7 even when you are not around to operate it
  • The ability to broadcast live to your audience
  • The ability to stream in multiple formats with external relays (SHOUTcast v1 & v2, Icecast v2, etc.)
  • Voice Tracking, which enables you to record 10-minute soundbytes directly to your station
  • mobile application for Android and iPhone, which give you the ability to manage your SAM Broadcaster Cloud stations and even broadcast live while on the go
  • The ability to customize your Hosted Player Page 
  • Detailed statistics & analytics, with a pop-out stats screen
  • Seamless Facebook and Twitter Integrations
  • DJ management and show scheduling, where DJs can be assigned showtimes
  • A request and dedication feature which allows listeners to dedicate requests 
  • SAM Broadcaster Cloud Enterprise, a premium cloud-based radio automation solution that enables professional radio broadcasters and web-only audio publishers to easily create and monetize their radio stations from a single audio stream and beyond

Please Note: **Spacial does not provide licensing, and royalty payments are not included in your subscription. We do, however, provide the data you need to generate royalty reports for your stations.

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