Windows 10 – SAM Broadcaster Compatibility

With the introduction of Windows 10, SAM Broadcaster users have had different experiences.

Whilst our latest version of SAM Broadcaster, v2015.2 is fully compatible with Windows 10, users on older versions of SAM Broadcaster might experience problems. The ultimate solution is to upgrade your software to v2015.2. If your software version is from 2013 going forward, your SAM Broadcaster should work on Windows 10 so we recommend that you try upgrading to Windows 10 before you consider upgrading your SAM Broadcaster software.

Quick TIP: What to do Before Installing Windows 10

We recommend manually deactivating your license before upgrading to Windows 10 by clicking Config – Registration Key – Deactivate to avoid any activation issues. This procedure only works for SAM Broadcaster and SAM DJ. SAM Cast is slightly different. You click Settings, select Registration Key and click  Deactivate. If you still experience any activation issues after following these steps, please raise a ticket at

V4 Users

It was not possible to make SAM Broadcaster v4 Windows 8 compatible and this remains the case for Windows 10. Whilst your SAM Broadcaster v4 license will remain available to you, this software was retired at the end of 2014 and is no longer supported except for license activation assistance. Your license will continue to work on all of the previously advertised operating systems up to Windows 7. We therefore recommend that you upgrade to the latest SAM Broadcaster if you are moving to Windows 10.

Most customers will be able to upgrade their license from the Products page within their user zone at but if you have any problems, please raise a ticket at and we will be happy to assist you.


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