Why SAM Broadcaster Cloud Is Growing In Popularity

Since the start of the decade, we’ve seen the internet radio market explode, bringing new voices to listeners around the world. In bedrooms, garages and offices, people are becoming radio DJs from scratch, able to interact with their audience and grow organically thanks to quality programming solutions.

This is a beautiful thing, down in some part to Spacial’s own contribution to the renegade audio movement. There are now thousands of people using our SAM Broadcaster Cloud – radio automation software that makes managing your internet radio station simple. Why has it proven so popular? Let us explain…

It frees up your time

Running a radio show takes dedication, but it might be the kind that’s practically unfeasible when you have a job, family and social life to contend with. You might have a great idea that’s stifled by other demands, without the means or resources for placing someone else at the control desk whilst you’re gone.

Scheduling goes a long way to taking care of this, as you can establish what needs to be played and when, around the clock. SAM Broadcaster Cloud’s automation features work just as you tell them to, selecting tracks under set rules of rotation. Suddenly, an awesome show has the ability to match listener demand at all hours.

Audiences love it 

Radio is an interactive medium; that’s the secret of acquiring a cult fan base, who reach out to their favourite DJs time and again. By giving people a measure of control, the whole experience is charged with a collaborative energy, motivating listener engagement.

Thanks to its widgets and web player, the SAM Broadcaster Cloud interface lets listeners see what’s currently playing and request a song of their choice. The requests themselves, when submitted, can then be queued up in whatever order you like.

It’s the key to a professional station

Radio broadcasting software should, ultimately, provide the intelligence a great station needs to find its feet. Access to listener statistics and having the tools to fine-tune your broadcasting style leads to a professional operation that, once you learn the ropes, is easy to handle. SAM Broadcaster Cloud allows you to do just that.

You’re able to apply effects such as crossfade, so transitions are seamless from track to track. Find out when a song is ending, too, with our countdown feature, giving you more time to prepare. With ShoutCast V2 support integration, SAM is powered by some of the reliable radio tech on the planet. Meanwhile, your radio station’s website can edited at a moment’s notice, so your online portal looks incredible and draws in maximum interest. You can even break it down into multiple channels when your concept starts to expand.

Internet radio has transformed listening trends as we know them, and Spacial has long led the way with software that enables budding broadcasters to shake up the musical landscape. As we continue to make our SAM Broadcaster Cloud software even more intuitive, we’re helping broadcasters of all abilities create a station they can be proud of.

Yet to jump on the bandwagon?Try SAM Broadcaster Cloud for free, to get an idea of what we mean. The only direction is up for DJs the world over…


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