What’s in Your Sandbox?

In the media world, things used to be fairly clear-cut. Magazines and newspapers sold ad space based on how many people subscribed. TV and radio would sell spots based on ratings. The Internet changed all that; despite the web’s larger audiences, advertising must break more boundaries to have a quantifiable impact, and people are getting accustomed to on-demand entertainment. So where do we go from here? Media consultant Mark Ramsey has a few ideas. Having worked in and around radio for about 30 years, Ramsey’s seen the medium evolve quickly, and he makes it his mission to help his clients catch up with strategies that combine theory and practice. The author of Making Waves: Radio on the Verge and Fresh Air sat down with Spacial to share some shrewd tactics that independent online broadcasters can easily employ to broaden their appeal. Visit markramseymedia.com to read Mark’s blog or watch his interviews with Guy Kawasaki and Seth Godin.