Guide to Writing Effective Radio Ad Script

Have you ever tried to write a 30 second message that still delivers all the critical messaging? Try writing a radio scripts. The best way to come up with the perfect online radio ad script is to understand the dynamics of radio advertising, and here is a perfect guide to writing radio scripts:

Determine the purpose of the radio ad  

The first step is to determine the purpose of your radio for example, is the goal to increase sales, boost brand awareness, or promote an event?  

Many advertisers leverage online radio ads to promote a product. An advertiser should be able to identify the problem, and propose of their product to provide a solution for their market. Once you’ve determined the purpose of your ad, you will be able to come up with an effective script.  

Create a brief   

Creating a brief before writing the script helps you keep your script on track. A brief entails your purpose, target audience, locality of the audience and high-level messaging.  

Determine the structure of your ad  

A radio ad can consist of messaging only or a mix of messaging, music tracks and  sound effects. It is important to know the scope of the format of your ad before writing the script, to help determine the ad time, as well as the type of audio you will use in the background.  

Radio ad time  

15-30 seconds is recommended as best practice for online ads, and can be more cost effective depending on the type of product or service you are promoting. Keeping ads short makes them more engaging and will ensure that you deliver a long-lasting impression on your listeners.  

Therefore, you need to determine the duration first and script a message that fits into your time. For example, a 15 second ad would entail a brief introduction, relay of information, and a call to action.  

Call to action  

The purpose of a radio ad is for awareness or to prompt listeners to act. You need to have a clear call to action to guide people towards the next step after hearing your online radio ad. Examples of call to actions can be customers making a call, visiting your store, your website, or entering a competition. Incorporating phrases like “call now”, “act now” or “visit us” help prompt listeners into action  

Communicate the benefits clearly  

When you write your script, clearly communicate the benefits of your call to action. If relayed effectively, your ad will incite a response from potential consumers.   

Actors are Crucial  

Make your ad relatable. If you’re targeting a group of young women, using a persona that can connect to this audience.. This will also increase the efficiency of your ad. Choosing the right actors helps create a better script that will resonate with your target..  

Presentation of message  

Your language, structure and ad tone should also suit the audience. Regardless of who you’re targeting, it is ideal to try and avoid using jargon words to convey a message. Simple, easy to understand messaging will get your message across effectively.  

Read aloud the script  

Sometimes what you write down doesn’t sound the same when you read it out. Therefore, it’s important that as you write your radio ad script, and verbalize the words to ensure that the flow of your messaging sounds right out loud..  

Relay correct information  

If you are doing a voice over for an advertiser, ensure that they have signed off the script and the voice over before putting the ad on air. Also, be weary of ads that defame competitors as you might potentially run into legal issues.  

Bring your script to life 

Once your radio script is ready, there are service providers who can help you with voice overs to bring the script to life. Radio Music Creative specializes in radio imaging including, voice overs for radio ads. You can choose from 150+ voice overs in multiple languages and styles. Music, sound effects and post-production can be added to your ad to make your audio sound amazing. Contact Radio Music Creative today.  


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