Let’s Talk About IMPACT! (BOOM! CRASH… I M P A C T !)

This one’s a really easy one.

Are you ready?


That’s it! Seriously, press the big green button (RCS radio gag there), play a jingle, commercial, song, next element and then just SHUT THE HELL UP!

When I was on the radio and told a story with a great ending, I would usually play a “Robin Banks”-branded sweeper or ID before the next element, be it the advert or next song.

The reasoning is that if your audience is listening to you and following your story, you hit them with the most awesome punchline, or “out”… then you brand yourself on the impact point and shut up. Just stop talking!

Y’see, everything that you say after that amazing climactic finish line is redundant waste. It actually takes away from the power of your story in the first place.

If you do it the way I’m telling you, then the audience will recall YOU as well as the story or joke. You get me? The listener will subconsciously love that bit you did even better.

Think about your links. Think about the way your story is crafted — yes, crafted. You’ve got to become a craftsperson of the airwaves.

It’s kind of like a great comedian. I’m not saying all podcasters or radio people are comedians here, but what do comedians do after the hit you with the punchline? They SHUT THE HELL UP! Allowing the impact of their great gag to be enjoyed to the max. Yeah, they may smile and walk around the stage a bit, but they’re allowing the audience to subconsciously enjoy the moment.

So, have you got any questions that you’d like me to address and answer in a future sendout? Just email me at robin@robinbanks.com. I promise I’ll keep your identity secret.

‘Til next time,

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