At Spacial, we believed that the radio broadcasting community was a special breed of people. People who liked a challenge and were not afraid to show the planet that even if they are small in number, they can achieve something big! That’s why I was sure that our Movember initiative would be a great success. Up to now? 11 members of the Spacial Team joined (that’s 70% of our staff, not bad!) and (only) 4 radio stations have signed up:

Where are the others?

Imagine if the whole Internet radio community start spreading the word about Movember. We could have a huge impact worldwide. Millions of unique listeners connect with a stream provided by SAM Broadcaster, SAM Cast or SAM VIBE each and every month. We could raise a lot of money for men’s health if we all gather together.

So built your team (a team of one is a team but there’s no I in TEAM!) and join us at We will be giving out gifts and great prizes during the whole month of Movember.

So don’t be shy or afraid to look stupid. Look at me! 😉


Can’t wait to see you with a Mo!

Best regards,