Hey Mo growers, where are you?

At Spacial, we believed that the radio broadcasting community was a special breed of people. People who liked a challenge and were not afraid to show the planet that even if they are small in number, they can achieve something big! That’s why I was sure that our Movember initiative would be a great success. Up to now? 11 members of the Spacial Team joined (that’s 70% of our staff, not bad!) and (only) 4 radio stations have signed up:


Where are the others?

Imagine if the whole Internet radio community start spreading the word about Movember. We could have a huge impact worldwide. Millions of unique listeners connect with a stream provided by SAM Broadcaster, SAM Cast or SAM VIBE each and every month. We could raise a lot of money for men’s health if we all gather together.

So built your team (a team of one is a team but there’s no I in TEAM!) and join us at
http://monetwork.co/spacial. We will be giving out gifts and great prizes during the whole month of Movember.

So don’t be shy or afraid to look stupid. Look at me! 😉

Can’t wait to see you with a Mo!

Best regards,



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