The Secrets of Unforgettable Radio Interviews

You may have the most amazing music library on the web, but it’s what happens between airplay that makes listeners remember your internet radio station. Interviews are a fantastic way to fill your airtime with fun, informative and exclusive content. And the best thing is, you don’t need to have a huge budget or a little black book of celebrities to make your interviews memorable.

To ensure that your podcasts or internet radio interviews make an impact, we’ve got a few secrets that will have your listeners hanging on your every word…

Do Your Homework

The best interviews may seem to flow effortlessly, but don’t be fooled by the casual, laid-back tone of the radio DJ. This moment will often be the culmination of hours of preparation by the host, to prevent awkward silences or overrunning times.

If possible, do your research and prepare original, interesting questions in advance that you can send to your guest a few days beforehand. That way, they won’t be put on the spot when you ask thought-provoking questions, and you can be prepared for whatever answers they may give.

When preparing questions, keep them as open as possible, and allow opportunities for your guest to tell anecdotes and really showcase their personality. Fewer questions with more detailed answers are far more likely to engage your audience than quick-fire questions with closed responses, so let your guest do the talking.

 Sweet-Talk Your Star

To capture the curiosity of your listeners, imagine you’re the number one fan of the person you’re interviewing. Give them a show-stopping introduction, talk about their achievements, and look ahead to their ambitions with words of encouragement along the way. If your audience didn’t know the guest beforehand, they’re bound to take an interest after.

Sometimes, the interview that you’ve been waiting for could turn out to be an anticlimax. But don’t let a dull story or blunt answers curb your enthusiasm – keep the energy high throughout the conversation, and express a genuine interest in what they have to say, to get the most out of your guest.

Record in Advance

If you’re relatively new to internet radio interviews, consider recording the interview off air instead of broadcasting live. This will give you an opportunity to edit the recording later, to remove any blunders, enhance the sound quality and tweak the timing.

It also takes the pressure off your technology, so you can be sure that your listeners get a quality interview with no technological hiccups! And if your interview is really worth shouting about, you can broadcast it multiple times through your radio automation software.

Practice makes perfect when conducting podcasts and radio interviews. Learning how to manage different personalities, keep the energy high and ask questions that your audience really want to know the answers to will become easier over time. However, with these tips you can ensure your audience is hooked from the very first interview.


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