2015 SAM Broadcaster Cloud Achievements

It’s no secret that SAM Broadcaster Cloud is growing ever since its inception into the market. If you haven’t joined the bandwagon of moving your radio station to the cloud, why not try out SAM Broadcaster Cloud today and see for yourself the amazing features it has to offer. Our code monkeys have worked tirelessly this year to introduce new features and improve on existing features, see below:

  • SAM VIBE was rebranded to SAM Broadcaster Cloud
  • Most SAM Cloud station features were moved from the User Zone to SAM Broadcaster Cloud Web UI
  • Added the track preview player
  • Global and per track crossfading
  • Spreaker, Live365 and SHOUTcast v2 support was added to External Relays
  • Added listener statistics & export function
  • Added track History export function
  • Improved scheduled events for easier management
  • Added support for Album/Cover art
  • Automatically deploy royalty free music to newly created stations (to get you broadcasting quicker)
  • You can now select from various themes for SAM Broadcaster Cloud
  • SAM Broadcaster Cloud now runs on port 80
  • Widget improvements
  • Added a new hosted player website
  • Added a downloadable website template for easy editing
  • TuneIn.com support added
  • Display selected and global summaries on Playlists and Categories
  • Added an Academy section for fast access to support resources
  • Health tab now has a quick “alert” icon to show if there is any issues needing attention
  • Queue now shows expected play-out-time for tracks
SAM Broadcaster Cloud Infographic

Check out the SAM Broadcaster Cloud Infographic that sums up what we have achieved to date. Numbers don’t lie. Thank you to our loyal customers for your support


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