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Things To Love About Radio Automation Software

Unless our ears deceive us, we’re hearing the rumblings of Valentine’s Day. This will turn into a cacophony of love songs and champagne corks come February 14th. People are used to declaring their commitment to each other, but forgive us for instantly thinking of our favourite tech instead… It’s a love shared by the whole […]


How To Stay On The Right Side Of Broadcasting Laws

We get it – you harbour dreams of being a radio DJ, and you want to pursue them, right here and now. Yet although internet radio software has broken the traditional door of the industry wide open, there’s one thing to remember: no-one is exempt from paying due respects to copyright law whenever a track […]


Celebrating SAM Broadcaster Cloud’s 2016 Success

Spacial’s SAM Broadcaster Cloud software is gathering pace. In 2016, there are now 3.7 million tracks uploaded for streaming, allotting to 33+ years of listening time. That’s a heck of a lot of internet DJ material… New and exciting features have also been added to SAM Broadcaster Cloud this 2016, and have been warmly received […]

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