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Organic growth for your radio station?

I would guess that most Spacial customers are aware that I am the Spacial customer service manager but I doubt many customers know I also run a couple of radio stations which will remain nameless as these stations are almost exclusively used for support purposes and because of this, I do not actively advertise nor promote […]


How To Start A Radio Station Alongside Full-Time Work

The artistic temperament of a wannabe radio DJ can fight through any obstacle. Anyone who’s given two thoughts to a radio project has ultimately asked themselves whether they have enough time to pull it off. Their answer, if they’re truly determined, will be a ‘yes’, no matter how many strings they have to pull. However, […]


The Magic Of School Radio Stations

It used to be the case that anyone interested in radio would have to wait until university before they indulged their audio production skills. Now that technology has advanced and become ever more affordable, schools can embrace the empowerment of a student-run radio show, and reap the manifold benefits that ride those airwaves. As an […]


How Internet Radio Can Benefit Your Charity

Running a successful charity can be hard work. Community outreach, promotion and translating your efforts for a wide audience can take months or years to properly hone. Once you’ve established an organisation that can do great things, you might be looking for cost-effective ways to broadcast your message and shout about what you’ve accomplished. Spacial […]


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