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Rookery Radio Wins the Spacial-CBI Contest

Left to right: Jean-Philippe Desormiers (Spacial), logo designer Adam Rogers (Rookery Radio), Dr. Adam Earnheardt (Rookery Radio), Josh Stipanovich (Rookery Radio) and Olivia Collette (Spacial). As some of you might know, we attended the National College Media Convention in Orlando last week. The experience was eye-opening. We met so many interesting people, we were introduced […]


A Lifelong Passion

My dream of radio began at a very young age. I grew up listening to great radio stations like WLS. I enjoyed hearing the golden voices like Larry Lujack, and John “Records” Landecker with their professional, yet personal style on the AM radio. This is what gave me the desire to be in radio. When […]


Pulled Into the Roatan Vortex

So my friend John says to me, “Hey Genevieve, you wanna do a radio show?” Now, I’m pretty sure I’m the only Genevieve on the Island of Roatan, so he must have been talking to me! But-but-but…I don’t know anything about doing a radio show. Besides, I love music, but I can barely remember the […]


At Last I’m a Killer Whale!

I started working in radio in one form or another in the early ‘90s in Vancouver. I was interested in writing a serial radio play for a show I was doing on Monday mornings with then-famed DJ Hand-E Man. The idea was that we would have several weeks of two-minute fillers for those moments when […]


From Pipe Dream to Dream Job

When I surveyed the local radio landscape in late 2009, I was nonplussed. As the former lead guitarist of the acclaimed local band Case of the Mondays, I usually relied on my iPod to churn out tunes, but I was looking for something to take over when my playlist got stale. I wanted to hear […]


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