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Update: SAM Broadcaster 4.9.4

Use SHORTCUTS to run multiple instances of the software. Use SHORTCUTS to to shutdown all the instances. Added PAL method Queue.Refresh Added PAL method TPlayer.FadeToNextCustom(fadeLevel, duration) Added PAL method TPlayer.FadeToVolume(volumeLevel, duration) Double-play issue is now completely fixed  Some of these updates also applies to SAM Cast 3.4.0 How to start multiple instances of SAM Broadcaster […]


U.S. Royalties, Made Easy

During the ever informative National College Media Convention, many university broadcasters were eager to learn the basics of music royalties for a U.S.-based listenership. Thankfully, the folks at CBI had the foresight to invite Sound Exchange‘s Manager of Licensing & Enforcement, Travis Ploeger, who cheerfully answered students’ questions at the event. In between Q&As, Ploeger […]

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