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At Last I’m a Killer Whale!

I started working in radio in one form or another in the early ‘90s in Vancouver. I was interested in writing a serial radio play for a show I was doing on Monday mornings with then-famed DJ Hand-E Man. The idea was that we would have several weeks of two-minute fillers for those moments when […]


From Pipe Dream to Dream Job

When I surveyed the local radio landscape in late 2009, I was nonplussed. As the former lead guitarist of the acclaimed local band Case of the Mondays, I usually relied on my iPod to churn out tunes, but I was looking for something to take over when my playlist got stale. I wanted to hear […]


Growing Up Analog

Right after I was born, I discovered two brown boxes in the living room. Music came from them and I could hear people speaking. I wanted to look inside to see those mini-people, but my parents wouldn’t let me. In the evenings, I was obsessed watching my dad working with reel-to-reel tape recorders. He’d record […]


FM Goes IT

Inspired by personalities such as Howard Stern, I fantasized about being on the air for most of my life, but I was never really sure how to successfully pursue that dream given today’s satellite/Internet radio landscape. Eventually, I wound up living in Baltimore, where I built a career in information technology and web applications development. […]

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