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SAM Broadcaster 2013 licensing model explained

We would like to thank all our customers who have already pre-ordered SAM Broadcaster 2013. It is great to know so many of our clients are excited about the next release. There are however many customers with some questions about how the new licensing model will work and also what features to expect in SAM […]


SAM DJ 2013

Currently SAM DJ v4.x is not Windows 8 compatible. Therefore we are pleased to announce the launch of SAM DJ 2013. It will be released in January 2013 and will be compatible with Windows 8. Every SAM DJ 2013 license purchase will include free software updates for a period of 12 months. After that 12 […]


Update: SAM Broadcaster 4.9.4

Use SHORTCUTS to run multiple instances of the software. Use SHORTCUTS to to shutdown all the instances. Added PAL method Queue.Refresh Added PAL method TPlayer.FadeToNextCustom(fadeLevel, duration) Added PAL method TPlayer.FadeToVolume(volumeLevel, duration) Double-play issue is now completely fixed  Some of these updates also applies to SAM Cast 3.4.0 How to start multiple instances of SAM Broadcaster […]


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