Start your Internet radio station with SAM VIBE

  • Broadcast LIVE
  • Includes SAM Broadcaster LIVE DJ
  • Intuitive automation software
  • Click “play” and stream
  • Automatic Failover (no more dead air)
  • Manage multiple DJs and stations
  • Customizable web widgets and players
  • Many more great features!

* SAM VIBE requires Windows XP or greater

  • Cloud/No hardware

    SAM VIBE is a powerful cloud Internet radio broadcasting solution that allows you to broadcast from anywhere using just a computer with Internet access!
    Save big on hardware, maintenance and monitoring costs.

  • Automation Scheduling

    SAM VIBE allows you to upload your content, set rotation rules, tasks and playblocks… and then shut down your computer! You can relax knowing SAM VIBE is keeping your station running 24/7 even if you are not around to operate it. No servers or staff necessary! It’s the easiest way to create a radio station.

  • Live Source Switching

    Live source switching now allows you to stream live shows using SAM Broadcaster Live DJ. Your SAM Broadcaster Live DJ connects to your SAM VIBE cloud and allow you to host talk shows or stream live shows or events easily automatically using your SAM VIBE streaming configuration. When done, just switch back to SAM VIBE to stream your automated content. Your listeners won’t notice the difference.

  • Multi DJ

    Either if it’s to share the station management with friends or to hire multiple DJs for your next venture, SAM VIBE access can be customizable by the administrator. Protect your music library from being deleted, restrict access to a single station or only allow a DJ to schedule a specific time slot, you set the rules!

  • Multi Station

    If you are looking to manage multiple radio stations, but don’t want to end up with multiple music databases to manage, SAM VIBE as the right solution for you! With SAM VIBE, managing 3, 15 or even 100* stations from the same database is now possible! No need for multiple accounts. No more headaches!
    *Dedicated enterprise class database option mandatory from 20 stations.

  • Music Library

    Organize large music libraries quickly into multiple categories, import information from tags, automatically look up track information and edit metadata in batch. All this from the cloud. SAM VIBE supports the following formats: mp3, aac, m4a, wma, ogg and wav. 150GB of storage is not enough? No problem, we can make more space for you

  • Web Integration

    Need to embed a player on your website? Looking to give your station website a pro look? Our easy to integrate web and player widgets are there to help you out. Keep your listeners engaged, show them “now playing” info and let them browse your media library.

  • Streaming

    Each SAM VIBE station comes with 40 listener slots. No hassle, it’s included. Switch your station “on air” and you’re streaming. No complex encoder to setup, no need for IP address, port number and whatever complex configuration. Choose to stream in AAC (recommended) or MP3 up to 128kbps.

  • SAM Broadcaster failback

    If you are using SAM Broadcaster to stream live show, SAM VIBE can be used as an automatic fallback solution. Your computer or Internet connection went down? You are victim of a power outage? Don’t worry, SAM VIBE will detect the problem and will automatically kick in.

  • External Relay Support

    Use SAM VIBE one click streaming technology or your own SHOUTcast or Icecast server

  • Accessibility

    SAM VIBE was designed from the ground to work with screen reader software*. Size fonts can be adapted to make reading text easier. The color scheme is colorblind friendly and optimized for contrast.
    *JAWS – recommended screen reader solution

  • Reporting and Statistics

    See in real-time how your audience is growing. Access data logs for performance reporting and other useful reports on your station playback history.

  • Professional Music Scheduling

    SAM VIBE is compatible with most professional music scheduling software (MusicMaster, Music1, GSelector, etc.). If your music scheduling software can create *.m3u playlists, you can import them to SAM VIBE for a quick way to manage your station schedule.

  • Station Exposure*

    In order to attract listeners, you need to be visible. SAM VIBE allows you to automatically list your station on several major radio directory desktop and mobile versions. On top of that, you could be featured as the Station of the week on and be highlighted on our blog and social media pages.

Our packages

Select a package and have your station online in
less than 15 minutes!

  • You want to start your own radio station? Welcome!
  • 1 Station
  • 10GB Storage
  • 5 Additional DJs
  • No External Relay
  • 40 Included Listeners (up to 128kbps)
  • Various Flash players included
  • Web Widgets included
  • Community and email support included
  • Get 1 month free for yearly payments
  • $15/month

  • Already have a station streaming on SHOUTcast or Icecast? Even includes 5 additional DJs!
  • 1 Station
  • 30GB Storage
  • 5 Additional DJs
  • 2 External Relays
  • 40 Included Listeners (up to 128kbps)
  • Various Flash players included
  • Web Widgets included
  • Community and email support included
  • Get 1 month free for yearly payments
  • $25/month

  • 3 stations, 15 DJs… are you sure this is only for fun?
  • 3 Stations
  • 50GB Storage
  • 15 Additional DJs
  • 4 External Relays
  • 120 Included Listeners (up to 128kbps)
  • Various Flash players included
  • Web Widgets included
  • Community and email support included
  • Get 1 month free for yearly payments
  • $75/month

Options available in your UserZone after purchase

Options Per Month
add 5 DJs $5
add 1 station (comes with 40 listeners) $15
add 2 relays $5
add 1 listener bundle (40 @ up to 128kbps) $15
add 20 GB of storage $5
add support for DJs** $20

**All package include support for the station owner. If you would like us to provide support directly to your DJs, please add this option. Note: This option is currently under development and will be available soon.

Non-profit or educational institution? Contact us for discounted rates

If you need more than 3 stations, more than 15 DJs, more than 50GB of storage or more listeners, feel free to customize one of our three packages from your user zone, or contact our team. Some of our customers are managing more than 100 stations! It will be a pleasure to build a package according to your needs.