Which solution is right for me?

SAM Broadcaster CLOUD is perfect for most broadcasters

The easy answer is – when in doubt – get SAM Broadcaster Cloud. It meets the needs of most broadcasters. You can cancel at any time so it’s easy to try something else if SAM Broadcaster Cloud does not meet your exact needs. Talk to us first though as it is likely you just need a little help setting things up to do what you need.

Remember SAM Broadcaster Cloud includes keys to SAM Broadcaster Live-DJ for each DJ login. Thus you get 98% of the power of SAM Broadcaster PRO included with your SAM Broadcaster Cloud at no additional cost!

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SAM Broadcaster PRO is a better choice when…

  • You do not require a cloud backup to take over when your live stream goes down.
  • You broadcast on a private network not connected to the internet.
  • You wish to stream directly to your own SHOUTcast or Icecast servers without using cloud as your central distribution platform.
  • You do not mind building and maintaining your own infrastructure.
  • You use the software mostly as an advanced playback system and do no streaming.
  • You broadcast over the air via AM/FM (See Terrestrial Radio for details)
  • You need to broadcast in a format not currently supported by the cloud, i.e. mp3PRO, Ogg and Windows Media.
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SAM Broadcaster PRO vs. Live-DJ technical comparison

SAM Broadcaster Cloud provides a free Live-DJ key to each DJ login for your service. Live-DJ is very similar to SAM Broadcaster PRO with only a few minor differences. SAM Broadcaster PRO can do everything SAM Broadcaster Live-DJ can do, but the reverse is not true.

Live-DJ requires Cloud login

Live-DJ requires you to be logged into SAM Broadcaster Cloud in order to use the software. Thus you require an internet connection to use the software. The Cloud login is optional in SAM Broadcaster PRO and can work even without an internet connection.


Live-DJ streams a single high quality audio stream to the Cloud which then gets re-encoded (aka. transcoded) to all the supported formats configured by you in cloud. This includes streaming to SHOUTcast, Icecast, Live365 and other compatible servers.

SAM Broadcaster PRO can (optionally) do the above and also at the same time stream directly to your own streaming servers. This means you can potentially be streaming many streams to your streaming servers which takes a lot of quality bandwidth to do reliably.

SAM Broadcaster Cloud does not support streaming Ogg or Windows Media which is supported by SAM Broadcaster PRO.

Still can’t decide? Try both!

Try SAM Broadcaster Cloud for as little as $5 and then try SAM BROADCASTER PRO for FREE during the trial period. This should give you plenty of opportunity to make a more informed decision. Don’t forget to view our videos covering how to use the solutions to see how they can help your station succeed. Feel free to contact us – we have helped thousands of stations run professional broadcasts and we can help you too.

Get SAM Broadcaster Cloud
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