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Radio Trends to Look Out For in 2022

It’s been two years and the pandemic is still causing unprecedented havoc across the globe. Despite this ongoing challenge, the prediction is that audio will be even stronger in 2022. It is no secret that digital radio, podcasting and audio advertising has become mainstream and is disrupting the media industry.  

To capitalize on these trends, we would like to kick start the year by giving you a head start on trends to look out for to have a successful run with your radio station in 2022.

2022 Radio Trends

Below are some trends to look out for in the world of audio this 2022: 
Content Remains King – In 2022, brands will continue to use content that addresses the needs of consumers and storytelling for building strong and authentic connections. Delivering content in the listener’s native  language also remains an effective way to push your audio content.  
Transforming In- Store Playlists – The emerging trend in audio is that in-store playlists will be used strategically to influence consumer behavior, attract new customers, as well as make the shopping experience easier for consumers. 

Conscious Consumption – Consumers continue to be guided by ethics. Sustainability remains one of the top ethos and this approach will be extended to radio and messaging. 

Smart Speaker adoption – Due to the pandemic, people are splitting their time between home and the office. The result has been that smart speakers and voice assistants are becoming popular home appliances. 

Podcasting – Just like last year, the podcasting industry is still seeing an upwards trajectory. According to Sharon Taylor, the Managing Director of Triton Digital, “Facebook, Netflix, and YouTube very firmly step into podcasting and one of them will get to a double- digits share of podcast listening faster than Spotify did. Those already dominating will try to keep them at bay, focusing on content creation and acquisitions instead of technology.”. Click here to learn more on podcasting trends for 2022. 

Rise of Programmatic Advertising – Programmatic advertising continues to dominate. This 2022, It is expected that nearly a quarter of all radio ads in the U.S. will be automated, up from 16.5 per cent in 2020. Programmatic advertising brings along a host of benefits such as enhanced targeting, personalized messaging, data driven insights and improved effectiveness. Click here to learn more 

If you want to reach Gen Z, try Radio – Facts show that young people are listening to the radio more than anticipated. According to Edison Research, Gen Z users (between age 13-24) are big on streaming, but 55% also listen to AM/FM radio every day. For your radio station, this is a target audience not to be ignored. 


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