Streamit in-store audio players now compatible with SAM VIBE

(Eindhoven, Netherlands) August 27, 2013

Streamit and Spacial Audio announced today that SAM VIBE is now fully compatible with the Streamit Lisa series in-store audio players.

SAM VIBE is Spacial Audio’s first-in-class, cloud-based broadcasting solution. Streamit is one of the leading developers of devices for playing in-store audio from Internet sources. Together, these tools provide an avenue for retail establishments to quickly and easily produce custom audio channels.

“Spacial’s new SAM VIBE solution is ideal for a large number of applications,” said Streamit CEO Johan van der Stoel, “but it is already popular amongst background music providers who benefit from the fact they can manage and customize multiple stations/channels from a single audio library hosted in the cloud.

Spacial Audio Managing Director Pascal Laflamme said in-store audio became a major focus for the company after SAM VIBE debuted in 2012.

“Since we launched SAM VIBE, we’ve been surprised by the adoption rate we received from the in-store music industry and a lot of our clients were looking for a plug and play solution,” said Laflamme. “It was obvious for us to ensure that Streamit in-store audio players would work seamlessly with our cloud-based broadcasting solution. That way, we allow in-store music providers to focus on content and forget about hardware, databases and delivery infrastructure.”

The announcement means SAM VIBE stations will stream on all of Streamit’s audio players. That includes Streamit’s Lisa series next generation in-store audio players.

Streamit CEO van der Stoel said the result is products and software that anyone can use.

“We wanted to be sure Spacial clients can benefit from an end-to-end solution and find an easy way to connect their stream with a professional in-store audio player,” said van der Stoel.

About Streamit

Streamit, founded in 2003, is a Dutch company specialized in the development and marketing of software solutions and hardware devices for streaming IP-audio and video. For more information, visit

About Spacial Audio

Spacial Audio was founded in 1999. Their software and solutions are used by thousands of Internet radio broadcasters and background music providers in over 150 countries. For more information, visit

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