Spacial Gives New Website a Human Touch

The new website features users’ stories, insightful interviews with radio industry professionals, a help center, video tutorials, and of course, a sleek new look. Dallas, TX, June 22, 2011 – Spacial Audio, the software company behind SAM Broadcaster, has just launched its new brand and website, The revamped website sports a bold new look, a Community Blog with informative articles and users’ stories, a Help Center with video tutorials, tips and tricks, help documents, and much more. “Spacial’s technology has forged a solid reputation over the last decade, and we felt it was time to raise our brand to the level of our products’ quality,” says Spacial Marketing Director, Jean-Philippe Desormiers. “We’re very mindful of our users’ experience, so we’ve enhanced the software interface, we’re producing web content that’s both entertaining and useful, and our social media channels help our community connect to us and to each other.” The new website is the result of a collaborative effort between Spacial and the web consultants at After much reflection and analysis, both Spacial and felt it fitting to show the human side of SAM technology. “Radio broadcasting and DJing are about reaching out to people,” says Creative Director, Mike De Luca. “Even though we’re talking about software, a human connection is what you’re after.” The website launch has also sparked a few more innovations at Spacial. A new skin is now available for all SAM software, reflecting the company’s fresh style. Existing clients can download the updated version of their software for free from the Products page of the new website. As well, certain product names have changed. SAM Party DJ is now known as “SAM DJ” and SimpleCast is now called “SAM Cast.” Explains Desormiers, “We just wanted to simplify the product line. Most people refer to our products as ‘SAM’ anyhow, so we decided to give them a reason.” Spacial’s transformation signals a new era for the company, especially with SAM Broadcaster celebrating its ten-year anniversary in 2012. “If anything,” says Spacial Communications Manager, Olivia Collette, “I hope it shows that we’ve been listening to our community and that we’re very interested in what it has to say.”

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About Spacial

Since 1999, Spacial has been developing quality audio software. In 2002, it launched SAM Broadcaster, its renowned radio automation software that allows broadcasters to stream their radio stations online. The company has also created DJ software called SAM Party DJ (now SAM DJ) and the SimpleCast live audio event streaming encoder (now SAM Cast). Spacial is utterly focused on the technology of its products, making for sophisticated software that lets you broadcast at an advanced level.

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