Radio automation software specialists, Spacial, introduce cross fading for SAM VIBE

Spacial, a leading software developer for internet radio broadcasting, has rolled out a new cross fading feature for users of SAM VIBE.

After introducing cross fading to several customers in May, the feature was made available to all service users over the course of June. Cross fading is widely used in radio, enabling broadcasters and DJs to gradually fade one song as the next one is introduced, to give their station a more professional sound.

SAM VIBE users can configure global crossfade settings, as well as fine-tuning for individual tracks. The gain or volume can also be adjusted by plus or minus 6dB, allowing the user to seamlessly mix tracks; this can be particularly useful when broadcasting adverts, sweepers or station IDs.

“Crossfading was the most requested features by our clients and we are so happy to have been able to deliver such a powerful and professional feature on our cloud broadcasting platform, while keeping it very easy to use for people who are starting their own radio station”, said Louis Louw, Chief Technology Officer of Spacial Audio.

SAM VIBE settings can create fade-ins and fade-outs, with a number of fade curve options to give subscribers complete control of their station. Silence trimming and volume normalisation are also available. However, as Spacial specialises in radio automation, cross fading can automatically detect the ideal mix-point and decibel level in a track, for professional transitions with minimal effort.

Cross fading has been well received by SAM VIBE users since its introduction. To find out how to use crossfading settings, watch the helpful Spacial tutorial:

About Spacial Audio

Spacial Audio was founded in 1999. Our software and solutions are used by thousands of Internet radio broadcasters and background music providers, in over 150 countries. For more information, visit


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