Library Import Utility

The Library Import Utility is a collection of command line tools that imports tracks and playlists into the SAM Broadcaster Cloud library. The tools run on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Bulk importing

Uploading a few tracks via SAM Broadcaster Cloud web interface works great. However, browsers simply do not perform well when you need to upload hundreds or even thousands of tracks. The library import utility can handle bulk uploads better.

Import automation

Another frequent need is to automate the process of importing tracks. If you have a news show that is recorded every hour it would be great to automatically import that content into SAM Broadcaster Cloud every hour. A lot of our clients use Music Scheduling software to generate hourly, daily or even weekly playlists. Automating the importing of those playlists can save a lot of repetitive work for station managers.

Path preservation

Due to security restrictions the browser does not send the full file path when importing tracks. Thus you will notice all files imported via the browser have a /import/filename.mp3 path. The problem is SAM Broadcaster Cloud uses the filename to determine if the file already exists in the library. If you have files with the same filename, but different paths and you wish to import these tracks you should use the library import utility to preserve the full original path.

Download and Documentation

Java 7 or later is required. Please make sure you have JAVA 7 downloaded and installed.

Oracle JDK 7 or later is required for the Linux and Mac OS X Library Import Utility.


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