Stream Hosting Services

Your listeners demand nothing but the best experience when tuning into your station – no unexpected buffering & always-on streaming. As a broadcaster you should also insist on the best for yourself – pick a solution that gives you the flexibility to grow at a cost that suites your pocket.

Below are recommended hosting services that are optimised to work with SAM Broadcaster and SAM Cast. uses a highly scalable, reliable & cost effective hosting infrastructure which allows costs to be cut to the bone – pricing as low as $1 for the first month on monthly packages!

Visit for more details about features and pricing.

Stream hosting options include SHOUTcast v1, SHOUTcast v2 and Windows Media. Stream in MP3, AAC or Windows Media formats in any bitrate you choose.

SpacialNet is the #1 choice for SAM Broadcaster users as it automated encoder setup for Shoutcast and Windows Media support.

Visit for more details about features and pricing and sign of for your FREE trial today!

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