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Over a decade ago, we recognized that the Internet was rapidly creating new possibilities for radio. Naming our software development company Spacial Audio, we launched the SAM Broadcaster radio automation software in 2002.

During the mid-2000s, we added DJ software (SAM DJ) and a live audio encoder (SAM Cast) to our roster. Over the years, our products have garnered the admiration of the broadcasting and DJing community and the respect of our peers. That’s why our top priority is developing technologically advanced software that lets you operate at a professional level.

In 2009, Spacial was acquired by Triton Digital. This gave us access to cutting-edge streaming technology, expert knowledge of the radio industry and its ecosystem, and exhaustive resources that have allowed us to grow in the right direction.

Today, our products and services are used in over 150 countries. Our future looks bright as we continue to develop the best tools possible for people starting their careers in radio and DJing.


If you’re looking for a lively work environment that values substance and savvy, Spacial could help you achieve your career goals.

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