Online slot Aviator - play for real money

Aviator slot machine

Online game Aviator allows you to win x100 of your bet. It all depends on your luck, but also on the skill to make decisions quickly. The point is very very simple, you need to know three main points:
  • The win multiplier starts at 1x and grows more and more as the Airplane gains altitude.
  • Your winnings are equal to the product of the multiplier during which you made the Cashout and the amount of your bet.
  • Before the start of each round, an honest random number generator generates a coefficient at which the Airplane flies away.
Therefore, on the one hand, the game is super fun, and on the other hand, you can win real money. You just need to guess when the plane will start descending and click "withdraw" earlier.  

Aviator play now

There are different strategies for playing Aviator:

  • minimal risk (The essence of tactics is in the game with small odds, that is, each round of our cashout should be at a multiplier of x1.20-x1.21). You won't win big money, but the chances of losing are minimal. Even in spite of the loss, which will be from time to time, the gain will still cover the loss. Once again: you won’t win much, but the tactics are generally successful, albeit conservative.
  • average risk (When using this tactic in the Aviator, we play the coefficients x2-x3. The probability of results with a multiplier of 2-3 is 40-42%). The risks are much higher, but the benefits will be greater.
  • maximum risk. The risk is big when we bet on odds of 100. Such coefficients in the Aviator drop out on average once an hour and a half. Therefore, we look when there was the last result with a multiplication of x100 or more, skip an hour and start actively betting. Such a coefficient in Aviator will allow you to win very serious money!  

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