Loyalty programs in Canadian online casinos: how they work

Loyalty programs in Canadian online casinos: how they work

To attract and retain customers, almost every online casino uses a marketing tool called a loyalty program. Today, with great competition, this is especially important not only for gambling establishments but also for online stores, travel agencies and many other services. In fact, the success of any business depends only on customers, and the more there are, the more successfully it will be promoted.

Why customer retention is beneficial
Currently, online gambling is developing at an incredible pace. New gambling establishments appear that are ready to do anything to attract customers. Even Canadian online casinos that are already well-known on the global gaming market are constantly working on new ideas so that as many visitors as possible come to their playgrounds.

Basic conditions for loyalty programs

The loyalty system for attracting regular customers can be roughly divided into several rather important points:

Various bonus programs and the accrual of preferential points. True, there are games where the accrual of points is limited. For example, there are practically no bonuses and preferential points in card games. All of them are offered only to players trying their luck at slot machines.
The accrued points are credited to a separate player's account, where they are gradually accumulated.
The accumulated points can be exchanged at a certain rate for real money.

In addition, it is worthwhile to separately touch upon the status system. In the loyalty program, players can be assigned different statuses, for example, Newbie, Master, Profi, etc. The names of the statuses can be different in different casinos in Canada. The higher the status of the player, the more profitable the rate at which he can exchange the accrued points.

How to get status

To obtain a new status, the player must score a certain number of points. To do this, he must be very active in the casino, play and earn points for himself. The most common conditions for obtaining a new status are:

Making a deposit during the game month of a certain amount.
A set of a clearly fixed number of bonus points (increase in experience).
Make a bet on any gambling game agreed upon within one month.

In some gambling establishments, the status of the players is reviewed monthly. Therefore, in order for a player to stay in a high position, he needs to constantly replenish his deposit and play only for real money.

How else are regular players encouraged?

Almost every Canadian casino offers its customers its own loyalty program. But there are incentive options that are popular for everyone, these are:

  • Cashback percentage increase.
  • Gift bonuses and gifts for the transition to a new status.
  • Reducing the wager for bonuses.
  • The opportunity to participate in VIP tournaments.
  • Increasing the withdrawal limit.
  • Increase in the accrued bonus points.
  • Casino Gives No Deposit Bonuses for regular player

In addition, a casino with high status can be offered additional bonus games, free spins, various bonuses and gifts.

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