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VEED, Powerful Video Editing Tool

VEED is a video editing tool that was created with the intention of making video editing easy to learn and navigate so that it can cater to anyone regardless of age, gender, or education level.  The features are focused on helping students, teachers, content creators and marketers alike produce powerful videos and podcast audiovisuals in a matter of minutes. With […]


Mistakes to Avoid When Sending Out Newsletters

By now, we hope you know that having a newsletter for your radio station has many benefits and can create value for your radio station, let us share advice on the five common mistakes to avoid when creating and sending out newsletters for your radio station.   Not maintaining consistency – When your listeners subscribe to your newsletter, it is important for you to […]


Patreon For Your Radio Station

Patreon is a membership platform that makes it easy for creators to get paid. Patreon is used by content creators of all kinds including radio station owners, podcasters, video creators, webcomics, musicians, visual artists, communities, writers, journalists, gaming creators, non-profits, tutors, and more.  This platform gives creators the ability to get paid for the content they are already creating (podcasts, content, webcomics, videos, songs, articles, […]


Audio Branding for Your Internet Radio Station

Did you know that there is a powerful connection between sound and memory? As radio takes different forms (broadcast radio, streaming audio, podcasts) and can be consumed on many devices including mobile phones and smart speakers, a strong audio brand is now more critical than ever for your radio station. Audio branding, or sonic branding […]


Best Microphones for Podcasting: What Podcast Stars Use

Garbage in, garbage out. Ever heard of that? Picking the right microphone for your podcast is a very important decision. Your microphone is the first component in the chain of processes required to produce and publish a podcast. If you start with bad quality on the recording there is no way you will end up […]


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