Affiliate Platform Changes

If you are a Spacial affiliate and using Spacial links to promote products to your clients, we would like to remind you that Spacial will shortly be fully transitioning to our new platform, Partnerize and we have extended our deadline to 14 July 2021.  

What Does This Mean For You? To continue to receive commissions on sales you must sign up for the Spacial/HitmanPro campaign on Partnerize and update your Affiliate Center links with Partnerize links.

Please sign up using the instructions below:

1. Signup with Partnerize – You can always change the items in “Extras & terms” later, they’re not important to get startedYour website needs to be preceded with https:// or http://Be sure to use a unique email address, if you already have a Partnerize login, you can skip to step 3.

2. We recommend following the setup wizard to ensure your information is all set. Click ‘Let’s Go’ to proceed 

3. Once done, input your banking information here – – and click to ‘Add bank account +’  

4. Join the Spacial campaign from the Join campaigns page –
Check the ‘Select all’ box beneath ‘Invited and available’ Check the box on the bottom-right to agree to the terms & conditions and click the green ‘Join selected campaign’ button 

5. Once this step is complete, email us back at and we will quickly approve you and get you set up with the correct tracking links and coupons (where available). You will then need to replace your existing tracking links with the new ones available through Partnerize. 6. More tips on getting started using the new links are available here: –

Do not hesitate to reach out with any questions