SAM Broadcaster Crack, Patch, Serial

Lately we have been receiving a ton of complaints from new users about issues on their system after installing SAM Broadcaster. After investigation it turns out these users have installed an apparent cracked / hacked copy of SAM, but that SAM kept stopping, crashing and behaving weirdly.

Well, to be more specific they did not install the software themselves but paid a 3rd party to do it for them – and basically got ripped off because the 3rd party simply installed a cracked version for them. They thus had no problem contacting support as they thought they had a legal version of SAM Broadcaster.

We launched a further investigation into the cracks, hacks, serials out in the wild and after our findings we felt it prudent to warn our existing and new users about the risks associated with trying out these cracks.

WARNING – These cracks can cause serious harm or loss!

  • Be careful when paying 3rd parties to purchase and install the software for you. It is best to buy directly from to ensure you get a legal, fully registered copy that you will be able to activate. Without activation, your software will stop working after 30 days.

  • Most of the cracks we investigated contained serious viruses or spyware. They greatly compromise your security and spyware is often used to steal personal information, including bank account and credit card information. Viruses can damage your own computer and even worse, other computers on your network. I’m sure your work colleagues won’t be impressed if you caused them to lose all their data!

  • Many of the cracks damaged the SAM Broadcaster executable causing it to become unstable and behave unexpectedly and crashing regularly.

  • Of cracks we investigated, none actually worked! Sure, some of them got past our first level of defences, but none of them got past our second layer. So even if it looks like the crack initially worked, it will not be long before SAM stops working again.
    And yes, there are more than 2 layers – so the crackers still have a long way to go…

  • Even if the crackers are able to defeat all our defences and release a crack that actually works, then it means you will be stuck with that version and will not be able to upgrade. And that is a pretty sad place, considering all minor version updates are totally free and we have so many great updates planned on our development roadmap.

Why you do not need a crack

  • People often say they use a cracked version of the software to evaluate it fully before deciding to buy. There is no reason for you to do this with SAM Broadcaster as you get a fully functional, no limits, no restrictions trial! We fully believe in the “try before you buy” philosophy.

  • SAM Broadcaster is a professional product with many great features and loved by both large and small broadcasters. We realised that the pricing is a bit out of reach for many individuals, so we will be addressing that soon with some new releases of the software at less expensive pricing. If you are interested, please contact us, and we can make sure you are one of the first clients and offer you even better specials!

  • Talk to us! If your situation is unique, open a support ticket and let’s see if we can work with you on pricing.

We have so many happy clients that have said that Sam Broadcaster has been the best investment they made in their hobby or professional station. We would hate for you to have a bad experience with our software because you did not get the original, untainted version.


Download SAM Broadcaster today – and get the fully functional, no restrictions, stable experience you came to get!

For more information about SAM Broadcaster, please visit the official SAM Broadcaster webpage.