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Let’s Talk About IMPACT! (BOOM! CRASH… I M P A C T !)

By: admin | Posted on May 6, 2014


This one’s a really easy one.

Are you ready?


That’s it! Seriously, press the big green button (RCS radio gag there), play a jingle, commercial, song, next element and then just SHUT THE HELL UP!

When I was on the radio and told a story with a great ending, I would usually play a “Robin Banks”-branded sweeper or ID before the next element, be it the advert or next song.

The reasoning is that if your audience is listening to you and following your story, you hit them with the most awesome punchline, or “out”… then you brand yourself on the impact point and shut up. Just stop talking!

Y’see, everything that you say after that amazing climactic finish line is redundant waste. It actually takes away from the power of your story in the first place.

If you do it the way I’m telling you, then the audience will recall YOU as well as the story or joke. You get me? The listener will subconsciously love that bit you did even better.

Think about your links. Think about the way your story is crafted — yes, crafted. You’ve got to become a craftsperson of the airwaves.

It’s kind of like a great comedian. I’m not saying all podcasters or radio people are comedians here, but what do comedians do after the hit you with the punchline? They SHUT THE HELL UP! Allowing the impact of their great gag to be enjoyed to the max. Yeah, they may smile and walk around the stage a bit, but they’re allowing the audience to subconsciously enjoy the moment.

So, have you got any questions that you’d like me to address and answer in a future sendout? Just email me at I promise I’ll keep your identity secret.

‘Til next time,

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Hey, Broadcasters: Your Image Matters

By: admin | Posted on March 31, 2014

For better or worse, we all judge others based on appearances. We really do judge books by their covers. When food looks unpleasant, we don’t eat it; if something looks dodgy, we won’t trust it.

Would you trust this bird? Source: rikkis_refuge

Would you trust this bird? Source: rikkis_refuge

The same can be said of internet radio. Your station might be absolutely fascinating, and you might have the best radio automation software available, but if doesn’t shine on the outside, nobody’s gonna to tune in.

It’s true because science says so: There was once a study from the Proceedings of the US National Academy of Sciences that says people judge classical musicians as much by their looks as their abilities.

The question is, then: How can you improve your image?


Most online radio stations have some sort of website. Not all websites are created equal.

Your website is vital part of your web presence. It’s your anchor for all your station’s information. Your website should be attractive, organized and functional.

Unless ugly is your thing, don’t be ugly.

Unless ugly is your thing, don’t be ugly.

At the very least, your website should provide access to your web stream. You can find instructions for using SAM VIBE’s web widgets by going to this SAM VIBE support page. You can also have a look at our own Radio Spacial website to see the widgets in action.

You should also add information about your stream, your programming and your team. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to the world, especially since your station might ride on your personality.

Which brings us to our next topic…

Personifying your station

The image of your station doesn’t begin and end with visuals. It also includes the voices: you and your DJ crew. You want to sound like an old friend having an engaging conversation: be welcoming, warm, interesting and fun. Finding your voice can often take months, but it can be the most defining aspect of your show.

Our friends Robin Banks is a long-time international radio consultant. Feel free to visit his website and subscribe to his VIP list to receive tips and tricks for radio host.

The visual image

If you’re serious about your station, you’d better not be using Word Art as your logo. There’s no shortage of online resources to find quality graphic design for reasonable costs.

Freelance platforms like Microlancer, oDesk and Elance are all good places to shop for able artists. On top of that, you might also also stumble across that web developer you were looking for to help out with your website.

Fiverr is also an interesting destination where you can get a simple and attractive logo for as little as $5. You can also use Fiverr in a lot of other creative manners.


The audio image

If you are using SAM Broadcaster or SAM VIBE, you already know your station will sound great — but how can you distinguish it from every other station out there?

You need to make sure your listeners recognize your station. Here I mean sweepers, jingles, etc. One of the best place to learn more about station imaging is Music Radio Creative. Our partners there, Izabel and Mike Russel, are the leaders in radio station imaging.

We hope some of this was helpful for you! If you want to get more tips and resources like these, check us out on Facebook and Twitter. We’re constantly growing and updating, and want to take you with us.

Happy broadcasting,
The Spacial Team

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Robin Banks Tip 1: Get to The Point

By: admin | Posted on February 24, 2014


Hello, good evening, salutations etc etc etc… my name is Robin Banks and those super sexy people at Spacial asked me to do a little blog for you about presenting radio shows.

I’m a radio consultant and coach (yeah isn’t everyone these days!!). I’m a busy man and been involved in broadcasting for over 25 years and worked for the biggest and best. That I count myself very lucky for. All my details and what I’ve done are on my website which is listed below.

Get to The Point

Just think back to when a friend of yours sent you a link to a YouTube video. You click on the link and it takes you to YouTube… how long did you give that video before you turned it off? For the majority of people it is a few seconds. Right? Now that’s a friend of yours that sent you that link right? You know them. So when you’re on the radio broadcasting to people who actually don’t know you are you getting to the point quick enough?

So often radio people equate the length of time the microphone is on with the greatness of a speech break. WRONG. You don’t need to waffle… you don’t need to go around the houses… GET TO THE POINT!

Now here’s an exercise for you based on that point. I want you to go back over a previous show you have done. If you haven’t recorded any of your previous shows then start right now. In SAM Broadcaster you can record your shows by clicking Desktop B, double-click on your encoder, click Next, select the Archive tab, tick the Save stream to file option, set the file location if necessary and for this exercise, I recommend using the default option of New file for each session. Open it up in your preferred audio editing software and locate any link (the longer the better)… copy and paste the dry link only onto a separate file. Now comes the fun part… I want you to edit out all the stuff that you don’t need from that link (ok it’s probably going to sound a bit ‘choppy’ but you’ll get the picture). Listen to it again making sure that the link still has the same message that you’re trying to get across. Now paste the new link into the original space in your session, make the necessary tightening up with the elements on both sides (usually music)… now listen to it in context. Now can you hear the difference?

That’s it for my first blog here for Spacial. Why don’t you drop me an email with any questions that you want me to answer and I’ll answer one in my next Spacial blog.

Next time: Robin Banks Tip 2: It’s all about the “Impact!”

Click here to send your question to Robin and visit his website.

For more great tips, visit the Music Radio Creative YouTube Channel

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