Paradise Islands in Maldives!

On the island of Kuramachi there is an interesting diving center, where you will be offered to observe the life of the turtles, Muren, jellyfish, sea skate. The reef sharks in length forty centimeters float near the coast, they have enough food that they do not even pay attention to people. The water in the ocean is purest and warm, but it is not necessary to get involved in swimming more than thirty minutes you can easily get a sunny burner. In Maldives, you can watch magic sunsets. The sun sits very quickly.
The color of the coast, water and the sky varies very quickly - from pink to gently purous colors, and against the background of this beauty, dolphins frolic. On the islands specially known windsurfing. Local residents with the help of the board are moving along the water from one island to another. The most common entertainment in the Maldives is water sports. Tourists offer walks on sailboats and catamarans. On the islands are excursions to fishing villages, where you can get acquainted with local traditions. The islanders organize tourists a trip to uninhabited islands. Nature on the islands as drawn unrealisticly beautiful. Beaches on the islands clean with a white sand. The plant world in the Maldives is so diverse that in the first minutes of the eyes disagree from bright colors of nature. All plant flora was brought to the island by man (Eucalyptus, bamboo, roses, exotic flowers). Locals love to arrange all sorts of spectacles, such as evening feeding sharks, for example. Locals love national holidays and enjoy inviting tourists to look at the colorful show. Young girls perform melodic songs and dance, getting so much so that they fall into the trance.
Kitchen in the Maldives Mixed - Indian and Arabic. The popular dish of local residents is rice with tuna. Restaurants and bars offer a large selection of fish that fishermen catch. As well as the entire range of fruits and vegetables. The population is very friendly islanders everyone smiles and greet. Guests of the islanders love to surround care and attention. There are some disadvantages of rest in the Maldly Islands.
It is better to start to stay from November to April, because from July to October on the islands begins storms with tropical rains. At the Maldives you can not bring alcoholic beverages, and you can drink in special bars, where citizens from India serve tourists. Local residents of the Law of the Maldives of the Republic are not allowed to trade with all kinds of alcoholic beverages. It is necessary to take a first-aid kit on vacation with you, in case you are drunk, because there are no pharmacies on the islands. But all these small disadvantages are nothing in comparison with the rest of the benefits of recreation in the Maldives! Germany Maral Gel link

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