Configuring Your Wireless Router Using

Your computer uses an IP address to connect to the Internet and one can easily find out its geographical location through a simple web browser using that IP address. If you enter the IP address in your web browser, you get the IP address of the router or network you are trying to connect to, which is, the primary address of most routers. 

The router's physical address is different from the internet service provider's IP address, a series of numbers. There are three components of an IP address: the network's physical address, followed by the other two network components.

Why use router

There are numerous reasons why you might want to trace the location of a router setup on your network. One reason is when your child has visited a strange website that is not displayed in the internet browser but still has a familiar IP address. Another reason is if your work or online activity requires you to log in using a certain IP address. You might also want to check if a new employee at your company uses a fake private IP address. You can easily trace every piece of information with the help of

How to reset your router using

However, a common problem that arises after you reset the router is that your computer will not be able to connect to the internet again. The only way to get it to connect again is to roll back the connection. But how does one do this? How can you reverse a power cycle and get your computer to connect again? This article briefly covers how to reset the router with the help of so that you can gain access to the internet. To make sure you're not going to miss any crucial parts, be sure to read through every line.

  • Before starting, unplug the wireless router from its power source. Usually, this is done with the help of the reset button located either on the front or back of the modem. When the router is unplugged, turn off the electricity to the modem. Then, disconnect the external IP address from your modem, which is to be done through
  • After that, log into your Windows system as an administrator by using your username and password. At the login page, use to log in as Windows User and then use the default username and password. You'll need to enter the default router usernames and passwords on itself. Just be sure to change the default username and password when you have finished logging in.
  • Once you're logged in as the Windows User, you need to change the default settings for the router, for which an option is given on Usually, these settings are set by default, but if you want to reset them, there is an option of router settings present in Here you'll see all the three things you have to do: hit the arrow next to "IP settings" and click "reset now" and then "OK".
  • The last step is the most important one: test everything again to make sure everything is working properly through Then, reboot the computer. You can also perform a wireless reset of your router setup if needed. Following the steps above, you should reset your modem, using in under 10 minutes.


If everything was successfully configured, you would not have any problem with your wireless router. Just hit the "connect" or "next" button on the wireless menu option to connect your network to the internet. When you see the "connected successfully", you can use to see how easy it was!

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