How To Fundraise Through Your Internet Radio Station

With great power comes great responsibility. Running your own internet radio station gives you the potential to drum up support for a whole range of worthy causes. October marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a worldwide push for funding to combatan illness that affects millions of women (and men) every year.

Radio broadcasting software is all about making voices heard, and it’s hard not to answer this particular call. Spacial is pledging 10% of every sale we make to The National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF). If you want to get involved and raise some cash, here are a few ideas to get your listeners on board too:

Inspirational stories

People crave a personal take on the world’s developments, in your own sense of style and intrigue. As a radio DJ, you can make good on that connection by researching and presenting a true story of how breast cancer can impact someone’s life.

Many sufferers, past or present, will be glad to share their experience. Reach out to local support groups and tactfully ask if anyone would like to appear on your show. With our live broadcast software, you can sit them down, hear them out and use that raw testimony to drive contributions.

Radio DJ challenges

It’s always amazing to see how public support can be galvanised by some kind of stunt. Performance sells just about anything: radio DJs know that already, and can draw up a list of fundraising challenges, escalating with the amount of money your audience raises.

Ask your friends, take listener suggestions, or go wild with your own thoughts. It could be a skydive with recorded audio played on-air, a sponsored stay-awake, or even speaking in a different accent for an hour each day. You can link this to your social media channels to ensure your efforts gain as much exposure as possible.

Throw down the gauntlet

Either of these first two options will symbolise how committed you are, yet the real agents of change – the public – also have to feel empowered. Use the full reach of your radio broadcasting software to encourage people to raise funds off their own backs. They can join in with an en masse head shave, a bake-off, or a sponsored run.

Soon enough, messages will come flooding in, with all manner of cool achievements to talk about. This is where your station can make a huge impact, far outstripping the resources you’ve put into it. Don’t forget the strength it’ll add to your online community; once you share everyone’s efforts, they’ll feel properly connected to the cause.

So, now that you know what to do, it’s time to get thinking: how can you bring in a hefty pot of donations for Breast Cancer Awareness Month? What will get hands into wallets, without seeming too much of a grab for attention? Remember, internet radio must educate or entertain to latch onto our minds. Hit either of these goals, and then twist them to a worthy cause.

If you’re just getting round to the idea of radio DJ software, check out our broadcasting packages. We’re slashing 20% off our Broadcaster Pro, SAM DJ, & SAM Cast products and 15% off SAM Broadcaster Cloud Yearly packages bought from the 13th-28th October… and don’t forget our 10% donation to NBCF!